is a provider of specialized piping services designed to facilitate solutions to maintenance problems which would traditionally require system shutdowns. These services enable our customers to keep their systems up and running which translates into no lost production, minimal disruption and increased profitability.


We have been providing these services to users in a wide variety of industries for over 20 years. Our customers include Oil Refiners, Power Producers, Chemical Producers, Hospitals, Industrial Facilities, High Rise Buildings and anyone else who can benefit from making repairs or modifications to their piping systems without shutting down the system. Our services are available on a routine and emergency basis providing 24/7 coverage to solve your piping problems.

Our On Line Leak Sealing services utilize a variety of methods to solve virtually any type of piping leaks regardless of the service, temperature or pressure. From simple valve packings to custom fabricated enclosures our products and services are all time proven problem solvers. Our goal is to provide you the fastest possible response and repair, at the most competitive price.

Our pipe freezing service gives our customers the ability to install a temporary "block valve" which enables them to make repairs or modifications to the piping system without draining down the entire system. The savings associated with the re-fill alone is often more than the cost of the service, and in addition the lost production and disruptions which accompany these long repairs is also eliminated.

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